SG is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment while delivering the highest level of catering services. Sustainable practices have long been a priority for us. Starting in 2007 we began making significant changes to our business to integrate green practices into our operations and our event offerings. Every year, we look for new ways to be even more sustainable in all aspects of our business – even going as far as to construct our own compost bin, build our own herb and vegetable garden at our main commissary, and partner with local farmers to provide the best in local and seasonal ingredients.


If greening your event is a priority, we have the expertise and resources to create an event for you of the highest quality while minimizing your environmental impact. Whether you desire a menu of local, seasonal, organic foods, or just want to green-up specific parts of your menu, our comprehensive green checklist will allow you to select which elements of your event you want to “greenify” that also fall within your budget. SG has partnered with local farms to design our event menus so that we might offer our clients truly local ingredients at the moment of optimal freshness and availability. For more information on how to green your event, contact info@susangage.com


In 2008, we began working with DC-based environmental consulting firm Green Living Consulting, receiving a Silver Rating for our sustainable efforts in the areas of Energy, Water, Waste, Air Quality, Transportation, and promoting Eco-Awareness.

In 2014, when we built our new facility, green practices were a cornerstone of our design plan, from LED lighting throughout the facility to energy efficient appliances and cutting-edge hoods in our kitchen, reducing our environmental impact was first in our design requirements. Since moving in, we have reduced our energy usage by 60% from our old facility.

Beginning in 2019, all of the electricity from non-renewable sources used to power the SG office in Landover, MD is being offset by the purchase of renewable energy credits from terrapass, significantly reducing our net impact on the climate and supporting the development of renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic.


  • Reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions by packing our delivery trucks full and routing them efficiently to make the fewest trips for each event.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat to better control the energy consumption at our main office.
  • Installing water-conserving fixtures in our facility.
  • Installing 6 Electric Vehicle charging stations at our facility, which we offer as a free perk to encourage our team to commute emission-free to the office.
  • Adding an in-house water filtration system that allows us to fill our own bottles and provide still and sparkling water at almost every event – reducing the number of bottles we recycle by about 35,000 each year (not to mention the reduced carbon footprint from not having to buy and ship glass bottles every week).